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Why your WhatsApp Gold account was banned and How to Fix it?

Why your WhatsApp Gold account be Blocked? 

WhatsApp Gold is hosted on the same server as the official WhatsApp, which enables the app to monitor user activity and identify any potentially malicious actions, such as spamming.

Why your WhatsApp Gold account was banned and How to Fix it?

To avoid being banned, it is recommended that you reset your privacy settings by navigating to the “MODS” section and selecting “Privacy settings,” followed by “Reset privacy.”

To avoid being banned WhatsApp Gold account, it’s important to avoid certain behaviors.

  1. Forwarding multiple messages at once should be avoided.
  2. Posting long-term statuses is not recommended.
  3. Automatic replies should be disabled.
  4. Sending abusive messages can result in others reporting your phone number.
  5. Frequent uninstallation and reinstallation of WhatsApp Gold.
  6. Unwanted messages, pictures, and videos should not be shared to maintain a healthy environment on the app.
  7. Repeatedly removing many people from a group should be avoided to prevent disturbance to group dynamics.

If you encounter a ban with your WhatsApp Gold account, Follow these two way:

When you find your account be banned , the first step is tap on “Request a Review.” Provide the request of unblock your account on the next screen.

If the previous method fails to solve your problem, you have the option to get in touch with the support team through email at You can make use of the email template provided and modify it to suit your particular situation.

Subject: My Account was deactivated

My number + is not workable now, and the system said my account has been banned, can you help me recover my number?


If you have any additional worries or questions, please don’t hesitate to inform us. Our team is always ready to extend any possible aid.

WhatsApp Gold has a lot of surprising features. If you’d like to learn more about it, go to our home page for a more detailed article or download the link below to start your exploration!

Comment supprimer un groupe WhatsApp Gold

Si nécessaire, nous devons supprimer un groupe WhatsApp Gold. Parfois, vous êtes entraîné dans des groupes WhatsApp Gold qui n’ont pas de sens. Ou, lorsque vous terminez un travail, vous devez supprimer la discussion du groupe de travail WhatsApp Gold dans lequel vous vous trouvez. Nous sommes tous confrontés à cette situation. Il est donc important de comprendre quelles sont les étapes à suivre pour supprimer un groupe WhatsApp Gold, ce qui peut nous éviter bien des soucis dans certains moments.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold officiel

Official Website :

Visitez pour plus d’informations sur WhatsApp Gold latest.

Cliquez sur WhatsApp pour obtenir le lien de téléchargement officiel de WhatsApp Gold.

Quelles sont les étapes pour supprimer un groupe WhatsApp Gold ?

Les étapes pour supprimer un groupe sur WhatsApp Gold Télécharger la dernière version ne sont pas difficiles. Il n’y a que cinq étapes au total, alors regardons-les !

Étape 1 : Vous devez sélectionner le groupe que vous voulez supprimer, ouvrir le chat du groupe et cliquer sur l’icône verticale à trois points affichée dans la corne supérieure droite.

Étape 2 : vous devez cliquer sur Informations sur le groupe pour poursuivre le processus de suppression d’un groupe WhatsApp Gold.

Étape 3 : Vous verrez Supprimer le groupe et Signaler le groupe en lettres rouges ci-dessous, sélectionnez Supprimer le groupe pour supprimer un groupe WhatsApp Gold.

Étape 4 : vous pouvez choisir de supprimer un groupe WhatsApp Gold et de supprimer en même temps les médias reçus de la discussion de groupe dans la galerie de votre téléphone. Cela vous permettra d’économiser de l’espace mémoire sur votre téléphone. Bien sûr, si vous voulez sauvegarder les médias de cette discussion de groupe, vous pouvez le faire, il suffit de décocher la case.

Étape 5 : vous devrez confirmer la suppression du groupe en cliquant à nouveau sur SUPPRIMER LE GROUPE comme indiqué dans l’image. Une fois que vous avez terminé cette étape, le groupe sera supprimé de votre liste de contacts.

Vous pouvez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour découvrir les détails de WhatsApp Gold V9.60.

Comment exporter les discussions de WhatsApp Gold

Il y a encore beaucoup d’utilisateurs qui veulent savoir comment exporter les chats de WhatsApp Gold, même si les chats de WhatsApp Gold peuvent être sauvegardés automatiquement. Cet article est conçu pour répondre à ces questions et décrit en détail comment exporter les discussions WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold officiel

Official Website :

Visitez pour plus d’informations sur WhatsApp Gold latest.

L’exportation des discussions de WhatsApp Gold n’est pas une tâche difficile. WhatsApp Gold lui-même dispose de sauvegardes automatiques, mais cela ne suffit pas. L’équipe de développement de WhatsApp Gold a donc décidé de doter WhatsApp Gold de cette fonctionnalité – la possibilité d’exporter régulièrement les discussions de WhatsApp Gold vers Google Drive.

Les étapes de l’exportation des chats de WhatsApp Gold

  • Ouvrez WhatsApp Gold et cliquez sur les trois points verticaux dans le coin supérieur droit. Sélectionnez les paramètres.
  • Après avoir sélectionné les paramètres, vous devez trouver l’option Chat.
  • sélectionnez les discussions que vous voulez sauvegarder et cliquez sur l’option plus pour réussir à exporter les discussions de WhatsApp Gold. vous pouvez également choisir d’exporter tout média des discussions.
  • Ensuite, vous pouvez exporter les discussions de WhatsApp Gold par e-mail. Toutes les discussions WhatsApp Gold exportées seront envoyées à votre adresse e-mail.

What is WhatsApp Gold used for?Features of WhatsApp Gold the Latest Version

Have you ever heard of features like Caller ID, custom themes, and hiding your online status? If you know WhatsApp, but have never heard of WhatsApp Gold, then you’ve come to the right place. You will find all of these features on WhatsApp Gold. In this blog, I will briefly explain what is WhatsApp Gold used for? What features does it have? The blog will help you gauge the value of WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Official

Official Website:

Here for more info about WhatsApp Gold.

What is WhatsApp Gold used for?

WhatsApp Gold is the same program as WhatsApp for communicating with your contacts. It supports voice notes, images, videos, documents etc. WhatsApp Gold is a mod for WhatsApp which implements more advanced changes and improvements to some of the features of the original WhatsApp. It is a free application for user. With the use of WhatsApp Gold you will enjoy many customisation options, secure privacy features and the ability to remove many of WhatsApp’s current limitations.

What features does it have?

  • Send large files: allow to send files up to 100MB files,even send up to 700MB of video.
  • High quality stuff: ablity to send refined and high-quality image. Image recipients can also view images with enhanced resolution.
  • Maintains privacy:hide double ticks, profiles picture, and Blue ticks too. In addition, you can hide your online status and hide last seen.
  • Cool animations: more options for stickers, emjis, and GIF. This can greatly increase the enjoyment of your conversations with friends
  • Extra characters:increased character limit of 255 characters on status. Only 139 characters are allowed on WhatsApp.

More kanguages: available in multiple languages.When you conversation. No more worries about language when you meet people from other countries.WhatsApp Gold has a lot of surprising features. If you’d like to learn more about it, go to our home page for a more detailed article or download the link below to start your exploration!

WhatsApp Gold has a lot of surprising features. If you’d like to learn more about it, go to our home page for a more detailed article or download the link below to start your exploration!

Download WhatsApp Gold? Five things you need to know!

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold is one of the mods of the original WhatsApp. As such, WhatsApp Gold retains the basic functionality of the original WhatsApp: WhatsApp Gold provides an end-to-end encrypted chat service and is an instant messaging application. Users can use WhatsApp Gold to send messages, send pictures, send files and much more. The number of users of WhatsApp Gold has been climbing in recent years, proving how hot it is.

How to download WhatsApp Gold APK?

It is very easy for users to download WhatsApp Gold on their Android phones. We all know that although WhatsApp Gold APK cannot be downloaded from Google Play, this does not mean that WhatsApp Gold APK cannot be found on trusted websites. From there, if you want to download WhatsApp Gold for free, the first thing you have to do is find a suitable website. You just need to click on the official WhatsApp Gold link below to get the safe and free WhatsApp Gold APK.

How to install WhatsApp Gold?

Once you have downloaded WhatsApp Gold APK on your Android phone, you can simply click on the WhatsApp Gold apk and the option to “install” will appear, continue clicking and wait a few seconds for the full functionality of the WhatsApp Gold app.

How to update WhatsApp Gold?

When you need to get WhatsApp Gold latest version, you can subscribe to the official website WhatsApp to get the latest news. WhatsApp will push WhatsApp Gold new update as soon as it is available. You will need to follow the instructions for downloading WhatsApp Gold again to upgrade your WhatsApp Gold.

How does WhatsApp Gold work?

The question of how WhatsApp Gold works is well answered. As it is a mod of the original WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold works in a similar way to the original WhatsApp. It continues the end-to-end encryption and offers chat, video, calls and sharing of geolocation.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Official

Official Website:

Here for more info about WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold on our website: protect your data from malware

WhatsApp Gold is a mod version of WhatsApp that has been improved by the developers. Once downloaded WhatsApp Gold, many users will be convinced by its charm after using it for a while. However, I would like to warn you that if you use WhatsApp Gold, you run the risk of having your account banned.

It must be a dangerous practice for you to download the WhatsApp Gold application from other websites. Many other websites offer WhatsApp Gold APK files and APK files linked by third parties are not secure. Please consider carefully that if their WhatsApp Gold is not protected by a security system, they can transfer malware to steal your data. That’s why you need to download WhatsApp Gold from a trusted website.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Official

Official Website:

Here for more info about WhatsApp Gold.

Overall, WhatsApp Gold is one of the best MOD versions of WhatsApp. Download from this site, we provide the latest updated versions of WhatsApp Gold and other mods. Before you download WhatsApp Gold, we recommend that you keep visiting the official WhatsApp Gold app website using your main account in the mod WhatsApp so that you can get the latest official mods for the new version of WhatsApp Gold in a timely manner.

From WhatsApp Gold,you can experience exciting features:

  • Built-in application lock to protect yourself from malware.
  • Get a free theme for this app, with customization support
  • Copy your daily stories, status updates, pictures, quotes and videos
  • Send large numbers of media files and videos up to 700MB
  • Hide your messages with hidden message checkboxesHide your online status
  • Share more than ten photos at the same time
  • Add and use unlimited stickers, custom emojis

If you are interested in WHATSAPP GOLD, then you can click the link below to jump to the page to download it.

Shake to Meet New Friends on WhatsApp Gold Latest Version 2023

Hi dear friends, are you often so busy with work that you neglect socializing? Maybe you would like to make new friends, but your social circle is limiting you to this idea. You can use WhatsApp Gold Shake to make new friends even if you’re at home!

I believe you are no stranger to WhatsApp Gold. WhatsApp Gold is the mod version of the official WhatsApp, which introduces lots of features that are not available on WhatsApp. For example, allowing users to customize themes, backgrounds, fonts, icons, and Caller ID. WhatsApp Gold Shake is also one of them.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Official

Official Website:

Here for more info about WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold Shake is a random dating app from WhatsApp. By shaking the phone or tapping a button to simulate a shake, users can match another WhatsApp Gold user who triggers the feature at the same time, thus increasing interaction between users.

Simply put, using WhatsApp Gold’s shake feature, one can find other people who are also shaking their phones and want to chat or talk.

How to use WhatsApp Gold Shake?

You can follow these simple steps to use WhatsApp Gold Shake

  • Open your WhatsApp Gold then click the shake bar.
  • Then shake your phone.
  • WhatsApp Gold will automatically match people who are shaking their phones at the same time as you based on proximity
  • Next you can send a greeting or wait for someone to give you a hello


No Registration

WhatsApp Gold Shake doesn’t require users to sign up for a new account to meet new people. The feature also doesn’t update automatically. It’s up to you to update it.

Privacy Protection

Allowing users to make friends they have never met before on their mobile phones may not sound very secure. However, WhatsApp Gold Shake has comprehensive protection for the privacy of the user’s account. The other person cannot see any of your personal information and your communication is limited to the chat interface.

If you want a specific location as your target, you can click on People Nearby and set your target location. You can then select a specific person to chat from the list that will be displayed. With WhatsApp Gold Shake, you can meet new people from all over the world. Try it out now!

If you are interested in WhatsApp Gold, then you can try to download it. I will put a download link for the latest version of WhatsApp Gold APK below.

How to know who viewed my WhatsApp Gold profile?

Since the launch of WhatsApp Gold, everyone has been very friendly with it. We love having WhatsApp Gold on our mobile phones, so do you know why WhatsApp Gold is so popular? WhatsApp Gold offers free messaging as well as voice calls and caller ID. Users can also share high volume files, HD pictures, long videos, real-time locations and more with family, friends and colleagues.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Official

Official Website:

Here for more info about WhatsApp Gold.

As with any social network, there are some people you don’t want to have communication with on the internet. So do you know how many of your contacts are viewing your WhatsApp Gold profile every day for various reasons? Do you have protection from WhatsApp Gold stalkers? Is there any way to see who has visited my WhatsApp Gold profile?

How to know who viewed my WhatsApp Gold profile?

There is no answer about this question. WhatsApp Gold takes the privacy of its users very seriously, so they will not be upgrading this feature for the time being.

You cannot track who has viewed your WhatsApp Gold profile. Gold WhatsApp does not count and maintain statistics on who has viewed whose profile, and it does not display them.

There are a large number of third-party applications on the market that claim to track who has viewed your personal data. And interestingly enough, some of them are also paid versions. Unfortunately, these apps don’t work.

It is not possible to know who has viewed your WhatsApp Gold profile, but we can start by changing your settings in other ways.

According to your settings, it is decided who can see which information from your WhatsApp Gold profile. You can authorise the peopl who you want they view. The steps as Follow:

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Select Account – Privacy
  • Then modify it according to your requirements.

How to Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Gold Group?

When you send some important messages in WhatsApp Gold group and want someone in this group who can notice it. You need to use “Tag” function. Because it allows you to grab the attention of someone in the group whose attention you want to receive the information and remind them to read it.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Official

Official Website:

here for more info about WhatsApp Gold.

Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Gold Group, you just need to use “@” symbol. The detail steps is below.

How to Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Gold Group:

  • Open the WhatsApp Gold. And Select the group what you want tap people.
  • On the Group Message screen, tap in the message window.
  • tap on the ”@” button on the message window.
  • Then, you will see a list of Names of all the Contacts in this Group.
  • Click the name that you want to tap. ( if you want to tap the next person ,then add “@”again, and copy the steps upper.) You can copy this steps to Tag more people.
  • After choosing all the numbers that you wanted to Tag, then you can type your Message (or you can choose to not type any messages below , just “Tap” people)and tap on the Send button.

As mentioned above, the people that you have tapped will accept the”Tap” messages, even if they have blocked Group Notifications in WhatsApp Gold.

How to Change Wallpaper in WhatsApp Gold?

gold logo

WhatsApp Gold

Download WhatsApp Gold APK Official New Version

Nowadays everyone likes to customize, even in WhatsApp Gold wallpaper. You can decorate the chat interface with your and your friend’s photo, or turn it into a picture of your favourite idols, and so on. It’s totally up to your taste. But how to customize it and how to change the wallpaper in WhatsApp Gold?

Some of you are still wondering how to do this. The following section will show you how to change the background image of the WhatsApp Gold home screen.

Change all conversations

  • Open WhatsApp Gold on your phone.
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner (more options).
  • Select “Settings”.
  • You will be taken to another screen and tap on the “Chat” option.
  • Press the “Wallpaper” option. This will take you to the screen where you can edit the wallpaper.
  • There are four types of wallpaper, Light, Dark, Solid, and My Photo.
  • Choose the one you like best (you can select “My Photos” to access your photo album).
  • Press “Edit” to finish.

Edit a specific conversation

  • Open the chat that you want to change the wallpaper.
  • Press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner (more options).
  • A menu will appear, click on the “Wallpaper” option.
  • Go to the page where you can choose a wallpaper.
  • Select the one you like best.
  • Click “Change” to finish.

The detailed steps to change the WhatsApp Gold wallpaper are described above. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

WhatsApp Gold Download